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New Network Communication Time Network

Rede Novo Tempo de Comunicação is the Adventist Communication System belonging to the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Latin America. Among the companies belonging to it are Radio Novo Tempo, Novo Tempo Recorder and Novo Tempo TV. Today it is headquartered in Jacareí, in the Paraíba Valley, east of São Paulo.

Adventist Development and Relief Agency

ADRA Brasil is a private, nongovernmental and nonprofit charitable, charitable and philanthropic organization, registered at CNPJ 01.467.063 / 0001-15, and certified as OSCIP - Civil Society Organization of Public Interest through the MJ process No. 08071.002538 / 2012-79. We are part of ADRA's international network of independent humanitarian organizations that was established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church at 1984. With presence in 125 countries, ADRA implements community development and humanitarian assistance projects without any political, racial, religious, age, gender or ethnicity distinction.

Adventist Education

Seventh-day Adventists began their quest for quality, comprehensive education for the purpose of offering their children academic preparation in accordance with Christian principles. At 1875, Adventist education began with the opening of Battle Creek School, Michigan, which was designed to meet Elementary and Secondary levels of Basic Education. Since its inception, the network has expanded its operations in all continents, expanding its clientele to all those who sympathize with its philosophy and methods.

CPB - Brazilian Publishing House

A Casa Publicadora Brasileira, A CPB foi fundada em julho de XNUMX, no Rio de Janeiro, é uma das XNUMX editoras pertencentes à Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia. Muitos de nossos livros estão editados em mais de XNUMX línguas e dialetos. No Brasil, produzimos centenas de títulos, os quais você poderá conhecer e adquirir sem sair de casa.

Missão: Produzir e distribuir literatura cristã, educativa e de saúde, para promover o bem-estar físico, mental, social e espiritual do ser humano.

Food Products Superbom Indústria e Comércio

A group of men, ignoring the simple idea of ​​making grape juice, launched in 1925 the fundamentals of the current Superbom. The production of grape juice, a unique activity, began in the basement of an old house located behind the kitchen of the then Brazilian Adventist College CAB, later IAE and today Adventist University Campus I UNASP. There were produced, in the middle of a great difficulty, the first products that were: juice and sweet grapes, presenting already great quality.

Adventist Health Network

A Adventist Health Network é uma rede mundial formada por instituições médicas ligadas a Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia. Atualmente, se considerada as principais, a rede é composta XNUMX instituições de saúde adventistas no mundo. No Brasil temos por exemplo os seguintes hospitais: Belém Adventist Hospital - Adventist Hospital of Manaus - Pemphigus Adventist Hospital - Adventist Hospital of São Paulo - Adventist Hospital Silvestre


Portal Adventista de Baixo Guandu/ES

Seja Bem-Vindo (a), conheça os conteúdos da Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia.

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